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Closeness Matters

Updated: Mar 19

This was the view from my desk this morning. It was a little awkward, but also very sweet. Whether I'm writing a grant or a real estate contract, my two goldendoodles want to be as close as possible to help me work. The closeness makes them feel like they're getting paid attention to, even if my thoughts and actions say opposite. They are warm and fuzzy and sometimes actually help me to focus better--crazy huh? We are all getting something in return for this seemingly intrusive invasion of space. Why is it that we push other people away when they are trying to get close to us? I know life is busy but other people need attention. As much as we need the company, socialization, friendliness, and ideas sharing. I always try to be alone in the quiet so that I can concentrate on the mission at hand but sometimes the interruptions actually help with creativity when focusing too hard on the task or deadline. It can give you a new perspective, the same as petting that needy puppy leaning on your lap for attention. Maybe I don't want my clients or cohorts on my lap, but having them in my workspace is valuable in the long run. Close proximity builds relationships, trust, camaraderie. Closeness does matter, especially in this post-Covid era after being mostly secluded and scared of public places. Check in on those silent office dwellers to make sure they're ok, give them a high five or smile as you pass and don't be afraid to stop in visit occasionally.

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