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Just Me, Questioning my Life Choices🤷‍♀️

Ever have one of those days? Weeks? Years? For real, me too! When I have 8 big project deadlines in a thirty day period, haven't slept, eaten way too much chocolate, had my butt melted into an office chair, and wish I'd have gotten that pharmacy degree I once thought about, I'm second guessing all my decisions that lead me to this stressful place. This too shall pass but for the moment it's giving me heart palpitations and making me want alcohol at the same time. Since I'm not a drinker, I guess I'll have to settle for sweet tea and chips ahoy. Spoiler Alert: my next post will be me complaining about how my clothes don't fit and my A1C came back bad. Again, life choices😂 Ready to get back to my ZEN state and heartburnless ways.

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