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So, I do some crazy things during the course of the day but this one takes the cake! Helping lead a line dancing class every Tuesday night was just something fun I thought to do with my mom to get exercise and draw more people into our Nutrition/Coffee Shop (which is something else random I did the week before Christmas! lol). What ended up happening was my gaining pure enjoyment and great exercise (burned 295 calories in one hour!) Meeting new and old friends and moving with purpose has become one of my newest guilty pleasure. Sometimes it's ok to think up something different and just run with it. Of all the things I do in a week's time, this is what I truly look forward to. Random thought, random actions, and random results are what make life so enjoyable. When working in the business world, sometimes the desk and chair get way to comfortable and the solitude way to common. Using your brain and words all day is great but using your body and spirit is so fun and rewarding. Be random and enjoy the moments, planned or unplanned to become your whole self and live your best life!

P.S. That's me busting a move in the green with the huge smile on my face :)

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