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Early Mornings & Sleepy Dogs

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Whether my feet are being licked by two puppies between 5-6am, or I am just wide awake with a multitude of ideas and "to do" lists running through my head, it's always an early morning for us. I love the stillness of these early morning hours, the darkness outside, the solitude inside. It gives me the environment I need to be creative, productive, and reflective.

I'm not a coffee drinker and I don't have anything to kick start myself in the mornings, but I can get more accomplished in my first 2 hours awake than I can the rest of the day. When my grown children were babies (which my youngest turns 35 today--eek!), he would wake up before everyone else in such a good mood and ready for the day. He would say in his sweet little baby voice, "I waked up!" and feel so triumphant! He obviously would make sure that the rest of us "waked up" too and was happy and excited to face the day. Most adults drag into the mornings without their liquid quick-start, but I find myself always saying in my head "I waked up!" and then jumping right into my day, full of vigor and ready to change the world. By 2:00pm, my energy and sugar levels are waning and I'm ready for a never-to-be-had nap. Regardless, I usually eat some fruit and carry on.

I'm saying all of this to highlight the importance of positivity. Instead of waking up with grudge that you lost a little early morning rest and shouldn't have to trudge out in the darkness with puppies who are ready to play, be grateful you "waked up" and face your day with excitement and anticipation for what's ahead. Take advantage of undisturbed time to be creative, alone, inspired, and free to do what you want outside of your schedule. Waking up is a gift, you can keep all to yourself or share with the ones you love. Even if it is a frisbee toss in the dark, your dogs will love you for it and you will not regret it :) Enjoy your day!

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