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Open Houses

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I hear so many real estate agents say that open houses are a waste of time. They just sit all day and look at their phones because no one ever comes. Every Open House I've ever hosted was well attended and never a waste of my time. This past weekend I held an open house for a new listing and I helped set up an open house for a new business. Both were very well attended and actually ran out of flyers and promotional materials because the crowd sizes were underestimated. Why were these so successful? Marketing of course! Whether it was the social media posts, word of mouth, posters hung around local businesses, visual or audio advertising, signage, direct mailers or email distribution lists, you have to get the word out and grow excitement for an event. This is why sticking a sign with a few balloons outside the morning of an event gets you the same results as the effort you put into it🤷‍♀️ I have spent over 30 years in sales and marketing, in some capacity, but know that anything I do personally or professionally is about selling my skills, ideas or products and marketing how any of it might help you or your organization. Give me a house, car, cookie, yoga studio, coffee shop or even an ugly Christmas sweater, and I'll find something positive about it to push the product or services out to the public to drive desire to own them. I can do the same for an individual wanting to promote their new book or creation. You can too, by marketing: research the market, analyze the data, make the best product possible to present (including yourself) and push it like your life depends on it! Swing those doors open wide with a huge smile and hearty hello, "welcome to my open house"! Let me share all the wonderful reasons you should buy what I'm selling and know that I back myself or product because I KNOW it's quality and would be the perfect match for you❤️ Open houses and open doors happen because of the time you took to prepare and execute--Happy selling!!!

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